milk bottle

Milk in glass bottles: pasteurization (pasteurization, also called pasteurization) is usually used for sterilization. This method uses an alternative temperature (generally 60-82 ° C) and heats the food within the prescribed time, both to achieve the purpose of disinfection without compromising the quality of the food. It was invented by the French microbiologist Pasteur.

Milk in carton: Milk in carton on the market is mainly sterilized by ultra high temperature instant sterilization (ultra high temperature short time sterilization, also called UHT sterilization) This is a high-temperature, short-term sterilization method that kills harmful microorganisms in liquid food. This method is sufficient to maintain the flavor of food, and it can also kill harmful microorganisms such as pathogenic bacteria and bacteria with heat-resistant spores. The sterilization temperature is generally 130-150 ° C. The sterilization time is generally a few seconds.

Post time: Apr-28-2020