glass milk bottle

Reporter (Reporter Wang He) A few days ago, the reporter visited some supermarkets in Xi’an and found that bottled milk that gradually withdrew from people’s memory was put back on the shelf, covering fresh milk, yogurt and other varieties.3

Yesterday, the reporter saw at the Nan Daming Palace store of Vanguard Supermarket in China Resources that some fresh milk and yoghurt products were removed from plastic and paper packaging and put on their glass outerwear again. The selling price is slightly higher than ordinary plastic milk, and the retail price of 200ml bottled milk is about 3 yuan.

“The glass bottle reminds people of the feeling of drinking milk in the past, and the heavy feeling of holding the glass bottle in his hand is indeed different.” Mr. Chen, a citizen of Xi’an, told reporters, “Although paper-based milk is safer than plastic Some, but glass generally does not react chemically with food and beverages and should be the safest packaging. ”

Liu Yaqi, manager of the marketing department of Oriental Dairy, told reporters that bottled milk is fresh milk processed by pasteurization. Compared with normal temperature milk, it maintains the original nutrition of milk to the greatest extent and tastes closest to milk. Compared with bagged milk at room temperature, the only drawback is that the shelf life is only 3 to 5 days. In addition, because the glass bottle is heavy, the transportation cost will be higher.3

Post time: May-08-2020