• glass milk bottle

    Reporter (Reporter Wang He) A few days ago, the reporter visited some supermarkets in Xi’an and found that bottled milk that gradually withdrew from people’s memory was put back on the shelf, covering fresh milk, yogurt and other varieties. Yesterday, the reporter saw at the Nan Damin...
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  • milk bottle

    Milk in glass bottles: pasteurization (pasteurization, also called pasteurization) is usually used for sterilization. This method uses an alternative temperature (generally 60-82 ° C) and heats the food within the prescribed time, both to achieve the purpose of disinfection without compromising t...
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  • About Us

    About Us

    We have a big warehouse and more than 20 workers to do the assembly and repacking by ourself. Will accept on-line Amazon;Ali-express and Ebay products, and also we have our own Amazon market on sale. Welcome to inquiry us ! 
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  • From 2019

    From 2019

    From 2019, all machine use natural gas to producing, raw material is renewable and also the craft is natural.
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  • High borosilicate glass and soda-lime glass material difference

    High borosilicate glass and soda-lime glass material difference

    High borosilicate glass: It belong glass tube and need not real mold,can be made by machine to mass production and also can be made by hand with special shape. Soda-lime glass: It called high-white-glass and include soda ash; limestone…… Have real mold and according to the quantity an...
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  • Promotion time

    Promotion time

    Warehouse is adjusting now, some popular products will sales promotion from June to Augest. Welcome to contact us !
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